President Biden’s Approval Rating Hits Record Low

Joe Biden’s approval rating has plunged to a historic low, while former President Donald Trump continues to dominate the struggling leader of the Democratic Party in a potential 2024 face-off.

A recent poll from the Wall Street Journal shows Trump leading Biden by 47 percent to 43 percent in a hypothetical one-on-one match between the two candidates.

Biden also received a record-low approval rating, with only 23 percent of respondents saying his policies have personally benefited them, while 53 percent said they have been adversely affected by his policies.

On the other hand, around half of those surveyed stated that Trump’s policies have helped them personally, while 37 percent said they were harmed by his policies.

The poll also indicated that Biden is trailing in a hypothetical ballot among five independent candidates, with 37 percent to 31 percent.

According to a report by Fox News, Biden’s overall job performance only received 37% approval from survey respondents. This marks a new low for the WSJ poll. Additionally, 61% of respondents view his overall image in an unfavorable light, which is a record high for the poll.

The poll also showed that a majority of respondents consider Trump better suited for the economy, inflation, border security, crime, and handling the Israel-Hamas conflict. Whereas Biden scored higher than Trump in areas such as abortion and setting a better tone in politics.

Biden’s dismal approval ratings come amid unprecedentedly high rates of inflation, soaring gas prices, deteriorating health, continuous funding for wars in Ukraine and Israel, and Covid mandates that have had a detrimental impact on the population.

Furthermore, a recent NBC News poll revealed that 20 percent of Black voters would consider voting for Donald Trump if the presidential election were held today.

Many, including Trump, have cast doubt on the accuracy of these election turnout forecasts.

Despite the protests in the Bronx, a traditionally Democratic stronghold, residents surveyed on the street showed strong support for Trump.

Biden is facing challenges with groups such as young Latino and Black Americans who have traditionally supported the Democrats but are now shifting their allegiance to Trump.

These recent polls indicate that Trump could potentially be leading Biden by double digits. There is a growing sentiment among Black and Hispanic voters to distance themselves from the Democrat Party and back Trump.


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