Top Solar Panel Installation Companies in Pennsylvania

Looking to go solar in Pennsylvania? Picking the right company is crucial for a successful installation that delivers the energy and savings you’re looking for. But there are over 400 solar companies in Pennsylvania, and it can be overwhelming to choose from. From national to local installers, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list to help guide you in making the right decision.

Considering the investment in solar panels for your home, it’s important to carry out thorough research before making a choice. A solar panel system can cost tens of thousands of dollars and should be treated like any serious home improvement. To simplify the selection process, we’ve identified some of the top national companies that install solar panels in Pennsylvania, along with local companies, and general advice to assist you in your decision.

Some of the best solar companies operating in the state include SunPower, Palmetto, Tesla, and Momentum, each offering unique benefits. If you want top-of-the-line solar panels, SunPower is a good choice. However, Tesla offers affordability, while Momentum prides itself on 25-year warranties and no subcontractor use for installations.

For local solar panel companies, Green Power Energy, Pennsylvania Solar Energy, and Solar SME provide full-service packages, warranties, and various solar financing options. Green Power Energy has installed over 13 gigawatts of solar power in the state, Solar SME has been installing solar panels since 2014, and Pennsylvania Solar Energy offers a lifetime quality-of-work guarantee and a 25-year product warranty. These local companies are visible, reliable, and backed with 25-year workmanship warranties.

Paying for solar panels is a significant upfront cost, but there are several options to consider. You can opt to purchase your system outright, take a solar loan, use your home equity to finance the installation, or explore leasing or a power purchase agreement. There are also federal solar tax credits and Pennsylvania solar incentives to lessen the financial burden. The average payback period for owning a solar system is six to nine years, making it the most cost-saving option in the long run.

Solar installations in Pennsylvania have an enormous potential to generate clean electricity and long-term savings. Therefore, carefully researching and comparing solar companies in the state is a critical step in the process. By gaining a better understanding of the financial impact, incentives, and available companies, you will make an informed and beneficial choice when deciding to go solar in Pennsylvania.


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