SmileDirectClub Shutdown: Latest on Payments and Alternative Treatment Options

SmileDirectClub customers face disappointment, as the popular straightening treatment company temporarily closes down after filing for bankruptcy. The company released a statement on its website, announcing that none of its customers will be receiving any more aligners or support, and they are expected to continue making payments regardless of the services they receive.

Invisible aligners have soared in popularity as a more convenient and less prohibitive alternative to traditional braces. Unlike other companies that require in-person visits, SmileDirectClub is entirely remote, which appeals to some of its customers. However, there have been accusations of unfair and dishonest practices, including making unsatisfied customers sign non-disclosure agreements. Before its complete shutdown, the company had been offering significant discounts on upfront payments, encouraging its customers to pay in full rather than in monthly installments.

Customers impacted by SmileDirectClub’s sudden shutdown and bankruptcy can expect more information once the bankruptcy process determines the next steps. Customers are still required to carry on with their payments at this point, and those with questions about payments are encouraged to redirect their concerns to Healthcare Finance Direct, who appear to manage SmileDirectClub’s payments.

In response to the overwhelming inquiries and concerns from SmileDirectClub customers, Healthcare Finance Direct has taken action and has started addressing several pressing issues. Customers who have already started treatment may not have received retainers or aligners yet but are urged to continue their monthly payments. Refunds are being reviewed for unfilled retainers, and down payments are being processed. However, it is currently unclear how extensive its support will be.

The American Dental Association recommends that individuals who have not completed their treatment seek consultation from a doctor or dentist as soon as possible. In light of SmileDirectClub’s closure, this is the most viable step to ensure that their oral care is not compromised. Direct-to-consumer dentistry has raised concerns, especially when conducted remotely. Aligners can be beneficial when prescribed correctly, but the baseline diagnosis and examinations by a doctor are crucial. This is something direct-to-consumer companies are unable to provide.

Lastly, some orthodontic companies are offering free consultations and treatment assessments to support SmileDirectClub customers during this tumultuous time. OrthoFX is one such company providing special financing options and flexible payment plans to meet the specific needs of those in need. Invisalign is another established company that provides direct care, and they defer their payment estimates to the provider who treats you. So SmileDirectClub customers concerned about continuing their treatment have several avenues open to them to continue their care.


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