Trump Attorney Jess Binnal Discusses Colorado Ruling, Chicago Mayor’s Anger Over Migrants, California’s Sewage-to-Water Plan, and More – Tonight at 8 PM ET

Tonight on Gateway: Beyond the Headlines, Ivory Hecker leads off the show with breaking news from Colorado. Trump attorney Jesse Binnall joins her to discuss the latest attempt to undermine the election.

Chicago’s Mayor expresses frustration over Texas’ enforcement of Biden’s immigration policies. Gavin Mario Wax joins Ivory to delve into this controversial issue.

In California, a new plan to convert sewage into drinking water has raised concerns. Nelson Mcilveen joins Ivory to discuss the potential impact of this proposal.

Retired Colonel John Mills weighs in on the possibility of a US war with Yemen, providing valuable insights on this pressing international issue.

CBS Sports Radio host Marc Ryan shares his thoughts on the struggles facing the NFL, shedding light on the impact of recent developments on the league’s performance.

The show airs live at 8 PM Eastern, promising a dynamic and thought-provoking discussion on the most pressing issues of the day.

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With a diverse lineup of guests and timely topics, tonight’s edition of Gateway: Beyond the Headlines promises to deliver engaging and informative content.

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