Video shows Chris Christie receiving boos for commenting on Trump’s voting rights

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Former Governor Chris Christie was booed during the closing statements of the fourth Republican primary presidential debate when he suggested that Donald Trump would be in prison on election day in 2024.

Christie said, “I want you all to picture election day in your mind. You all will be heading to the polls to vote, and that’s something Donald Trump will not be able to do.”

He continued, “Because he will be convicted of felonies before then, and his right to vote will be taken away.”

Following these remarks, the crowd in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, began to boo Christie.

Currently, Christie is polling at 3% and under in most of the Republican primary polls compared to Trump’s 66%.

This isn’t the first time Christie has been booed for taking shots at Trump. The Republican presidential candidate was booed in June after criticizing Trump during the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference.

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